About ADR Racing

The original founder Richard Peyer had a bet with a friend to rebuild a Mk1 ford escort rally car into a tarmac racing saloon car. The original Rally Escort had been nicknamed the “BEAST”. Between 1991 and 1997 the car was stripped and partially rebuilt. In 1997 the team expanded, and a storage barn was set up for added space and security.

Unfortunately, the car had rusted during its period of storage, and another shell was required. An original RS2000 Mk1 in Olympic Blue was acquired. In time, greater expertise was required, Richard Moy was introduced due to his background in Motorsports. Richard Moy had joined East Berkshire College as a motor sport lecturer. It was suggested that the Escort could be moved to the college so the students could gain practical experience working on an active race car. This meant that the more technical aspects of the build could be completed at a faster pace.